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50/50 Raffle for Charity

Dollar Bills

Each Envelope (Two Tickets) $20



All sales are final; must be present to receive cash prize

This raffle will include one cash prize winner who will get half of the “pot” of proceeds (up to $5,000 if all 500 envelopes are sold), as well as several gift card winners who will get up to $100 gift cards for various local businesses and goods.

This raffle will be limited to 500 envelopes of two raffle tickets each. Each envelope with raffle tickets will be $20 to purchase, and envelopes will be available for purchase only at the Wake the Giant Music Festival at 3240 York Road Helena, Montana 59602. Ticket sales will open August 27, 2022, at or about 2:00 PM and close August 27, 2022, at or about 7:30 PM.

The drawing for the cash prize will be August 27, 2022, at or about 7:30 PM (during the intermission of acts at the Wake the Giant Music Festival).

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, and debit card. Credit card payments will not be accepted.

For questions, email or call 406-447-3100

All raffle ticket stubs will be placed in a receptacle and thoroughly mixed. One stub will be drawn, and the drawn ticket number will be announced by the festival emcee. If the cash prize is not claimed by a winner within 10 minutes of announcement, West Mont will draw another stub and announce that ticket number, and so on and so forth until a winner comes forth.


​The cash prize winner must be present to receive their cash prize. Winners of the gift cards will have their prize upon opening their purchased envelope/s.

Special thanks to Andy Cotrell and the local businesses who provided gift cards and gift certificates for this raffle!

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